Two Colorado towns have been deemed the best in the West when it comes to biking. These are the two towns here in Colorado that have the best biking around.

I'm proud to say that two of our very own towns here in Colorado are being recognized for their amazing biking. The 'Best Biking Towns in the West' list has towns from Arizona to Oregon on it. The towns on the top 10 best in the west list include places like Portland, Seattle, and Salt Lake City.

#10 on the list is San Francisco and #9 is Boise and coming in at #8 is Western Colorado's very own town of Fruita. According to Sunset, Fruita is known as an alternative to Moab.

In the last few years, the town has taken center makes for the ideal weekend of wining and riding.

It's not the first time Fruita has been recognized for their world-renowned trails. Such as the Kokopelli Trail which goes all the way from Fruita to Moab.

Moving down the last past #7 which is Salt Lake City, all the way to the second Colorado town on the Best Biking Towns in the West list.

#2 is Colorado's very own Boulder. Their website states that:

There's a reason most of the U.S. Pro Cycling team chooses Boulder as its home base: the altitude, sunshine, and hill terrain translate to optimal riding conditions.

Congratulations to both Fruita and Boulder for making the top ten. I'd like to say that'd I'm surprised, but I'm not because Colorado has a lot to offer. Now go out and do some biking.

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