Sit down, shut up, and hold on tight. We're about to drive a truck through the Colorado mountains in the middle of winter.

It doesn't matter who you are, this activity is loaded with nope. I need blood pressure medications just for watching this video.

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Driving Truck Through the Colorado Mountains In Winter

People who were born and raised in Colorado have no desire to drive through the mountains in the winter. Regardless, the show must go on. Rain, sleet, nor snow can stop truck drivers from getting their shipments through.

More Adventures From 'Riding Shotgun'

This guy is great. Last week we published a video of this driver trying to get down I-70 on December 31, 2021. Do you remember that? New Year's Eve 2021 was the day Western Colorado finally saw snow. Boy, did we see snow.

Unfortunately, that snowfall shut down travel on I-70 near Mack, and the driver had to turn back and make his way back to Grand Junction.

This is Some Scary Stuff

For this video, we're going back precisely five years. If it were me driving, I'd still be a nervous wreck today.

On a happier note: check out the awesome wildlife in this video. Driving a truck cross-county undoubtedly has its perks.

I must concur with one of the comments on this video. A viewer writes, "This driver is the Neil Armstrong of trucking. Professional, Cool, Collective, and Brave."

Follow the Adventures of 'Riding Shotgun'

I'm rapidly becoming a fan of this YouTuber. His videos are right up there with the ASMR videos I've been hooked on for some time.

Keep on truckin'. These videos are fun.

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