Toto's classic 1992 song “Africa” has been subjected to a seemingly insignificant piece of studio tweaking – but the result is so appallingly irritating that you probably won't manage to listen all the way through.

You’re welcome to try, though, above. (You've been warned -- the results aren't pretty.)

A YouTuber by the name of Pluffnub recently uploaded the five-minute slice of sonic torture, which he achieved by adjusting the vocal tracks so that they’re just slightly out of key and a bit off the beat. Its only saving grace is that it underlines what a well-crafted piece of pop-rock the original song truly is.

Pluffnub has pinned his favorite reactions to the top of the comments section, which include phrases like “beyond plagiarism,” “intellectual destruction,” “this is what anxiety sounds like,” “the most cursed content on the entire internet” and a simple “I strongly dislike this.” His creation has, however, received more than 24,000 likes and only 902 dislikes.

“Africa” saved Toto’s career when it was released as part of Toto IV – although the band members had mixed opinions when singer David Paich presented them with a song inspired by his fascination for the continent. “I remember listening to the lyrics and going, ‘Dave, man, Africa? We’re from North Hollywood,” said guitarist Steve Lukather. “What the fuck are you writing about? … Are you Jesus, Dave?’” Keyboardist Steve Porcaro didn’t even want it on the album.

Then again, they hadn’t heard Pluffnub’s revised version. It's probably a good idea to refresh your mind's ear with the original below.

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