Ah man ... "did you really have to say that?"

Way to go, man, ruin my 4th of July just like that.

Four little words can ruin everything as our listeners have shared on our Facebook page when we asked them to ruin the 4th of July in four words.

And boy those four words can make a big difference.

There were so many ways to ruin the 4th of July that we decided to put a top ten list together counting down from ten to one:

10.  Fire Ban in Effect:

Umm ... "Houston we have a problem."

9. Forecast calls for rain:

Picnics, BBQ's, Fireworks ... a wash. It's terrible.

8. The British Are Coming:

This one made me spit out my coffee. Hilarious.

 7. My ex is here:

Hurry up hide. Hahaha.

6. Your potato salad sucks:

Well, you suck, thanks for ruining my 4th.

5, Someone burned the steak:

Nothing can make my night better now. Nothing worse than a burnt steak.

4. "Have you been drinking?"

Uh, oh, not good when the po-po asks you that question.

3. We're out of beer:

That just ruined everything in a snap. Dang, it.

2. House is on FIRE:

Yeah, okay, definitely ruined in a BIG way.

1. Ryla Pavlisick Rhoades had the best comment of all:

A little 4th of July humor to make everyone laugh.

Happy Independence Day and remember, don't ruin the 4th of July for everyone. lol.

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