We all tend to feel or think we are younger than we really are, but here's some of the top 10 signs that you are getting old.

A new survey indicates people don't think they are old until age 80. But, turning old doesn't happy overnight. It's a gradual process, and you may see that process in it's early stages.

Some days we feel older than others when we feel particular aches and pains and stiffness. But, sometimes the signs of old age show up in our attitude rather than in our physical bodies.

From our friends at SWNS here's some of the signs that you may be getting old.

1)You fall asleep watching TV or reading the newspaper(Does 10 minutes count?)
2)You become forgetful (I was going to say something here, but don't remember what it was)
3)You groan when you get up from a chair or crawl out of bed (And then  you steady yourself before you start walking)
4)You say 'back in the day' frequently (and you're only talking about the 70s)
5)You choose clothes for comfort rather than style (Unless you have a wife that helps to keep you from looking like a dork before your time)
6)You don't recognize current music ( Not only can you not understand the words, you can't even locate the melody of the song)
7)You have a low tolerance for teenagers (the way they look, talk, and act gets on your nerves no matter what)

(Hulton Archives/Getty Images)

6)Not knowing the names of current celebrities (If it's not Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, or Bill Cosby we have no idea who they're talking about)
7)You're always saying 'things aren't like they  used to be ( Not that we remember how things used to be, but it sure seems different now)
8)You watch old TV shows (Hey, classic TV never goes out of style!)
9)You don't hesitate to complain about customer service (We've been there, done that, and our tolerance level for poor customer service reached it's apex a decade ago)
10)You have an afternoon nap (Of course, this might just be a sign that  you've been up since 4am)