Women in labor have taken to all kinds of things to attempt to get their mind off of excruciating labor pains. This woman found the 'Tootsee Roll' worked the best.

Not limited to just the Tootsee Roll, this woman tried all kinds of different dance steps including a two step, the shuffle, butterfly and probably a few moves she made up along the way to help the birth come sooner rather than later.

Prior to the birth of our first child, I remember putting together some music my wife and I enjoyed. It was mostly the soothing variety, which didn't really help all that much, especially since it ended up being a very difficult birth.

For our second child, we just grabbed some music and played what felt right at the time. Since that was before YouTube, I don't have actual video, but the clip below is not only one of the songs we danced to, but also is a great representation of what the dancing looked like.

Here's another great song we danced to that helped my wife get through labor.

Are there songs you danced to that helped you or someone you know get through labor? Share your favorites in the comment s section below.