This weekend was the 26th Annual Colorado Mountain Winfest in Palisade. Add wine to tongue twisters, and you've got tipsy tongue twisters at Winefest.

When you give people wine, and lots of it, it makes them love the camera! I had no problem getting these videos, thank you liquid courage. It was pretty surprising how many people at Winefest that didn't know what a muscadine was. It's what you use to make wine -- it's a grape.

I made up some wine-related tongue twisters which I'll make sure to type the next time. Some feedback I got:

I can't even read this.

Is that a "k"?

You need to work on that.

This is awful.

Thank you to the self-proclaimed doctor of handwriting for the feedback, I'm very happy you can write your prescriptions "way better." Next time, I'll make sure to type the tongue twisters and maybe wait to take some videos until the very end of Winefest, lots of stumbling on the way out.

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