Norwood is a small, remote town about 30 miles west of Telluride. This small town and cattle stop was incorporated in 1903.

Norwood is between Natiruta and Telluride near the Uncompahgre National Forest. This small town is 7,000 feet high on top of Wright's Mesa and is just about two and a half hours away from Grand Junction.

The small town of Norwood has a population of only 518. Now that you know where Norwood is, let's take a look at the history.

Norwood was a supply stop for cattle herders in the late 1800s. Cattle herders would move their herds through Norwood en route to their summer ranges. And in the autumn the herders would herd their cattle back through the small town of Norwood and up toward Montrose and Delta.

Miners would stop through this town to get their supplies before heading up the mountains. Norwood still attracts cattle ranchers and lovers of the great outdoors.

Norwood still has the same Old West feel as it did in this photo below. The photo below was taken in the 'business section' of Norwood in 1950.

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