Grand Junction isn't leaving out their favorite person during Christmas. These are the presents that Grand Junction got their pets for Christmas this year.

It's safe to say that I've bought more presents for my pets than anyone else this Christmas. I started in November, claiming everything I bought for my pets a 'Christmas present.' Their wet food and reindeer toy became justified as Christmas presents, which made them even easier to buy.

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My pets have received new sweaters, a Santa outfit, a beanie with reindeer antlers, treats, toys and a new litterbox that looks nothing like a litterbox and more like a cabinet. My furbabies deserve it and I never feel bad about spoiling them. We asked you what you got your pets for Christmas and looks like I'm not the only one who loves to spoil their favorite person -- aka their pet.

Most of Grand Junction opted for treats as their pet's Christmas present. Stephanie Stogsdill commented on our Facebook and says she's giving her five boxers bison shin bones for Christmas. The bones will last her pups a whole year. Now that is a gift that keeps on giving.

Angela Brown commented on our Facebook and says her three dogs are all three getting new collars. They'll be the talk of the town after their next walk. Jacquie Mathes Boyer said she bought her pet catnip and a new collar for Christmas. Get ready for some Christmas entertainment, thanks to the catnip.

Diana Seda Garcia says she got her dog something really special for Christmas this year. She got her pup some dog cookies for Christmas. Human or not, cookies are always a good Christmas gift and Christmas or not, our pets always deserve to be spoiled.

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