Until now, I never knew there was a right - or wrong - way to pet animals. With this new knowledge, you too can become an expert at animal petting and maybe your furry friends will love you even more because of it.

Until I saw this video, I never really understood why my dogs, especially the youngest, loves a good belly rub but hates being petted other places including his back near the base of his tail. Then again, that is near the same area the veterinarian sticks the thermometer to take his temperature.

I'm not really a cat person, but have friends who are, so this also helps in those cases where you're at someone's house and the resident cat decides to test your cat likeability by jumping up and asking for a little petting.

It's also nice to know there are animals you should never try to pet. Common sense dictates you shouldn't try to pet many those animals, but if common sense was common, television commercials wouldn't have disclaimers at the bottom of the screen saying, "do not attempt".