Get ready to see a physics-defying prank that resulted in people questioning what they knew about life.

YouTuber Rahat, a magician, noticed that people nowadays were obsessed with their phones and seemed to have their eyes glued to those tiny screens. Working off that conceit, Rahat decided to pull off a prank in a park in which he'd be absentmindedly walking while staring at his phone. And, because he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing, he'd walk straight into a deep lake in the middle of the park.

And while he doesn't fall straight down and get enveloped by the cold, duck-filled water of the lake, what does happen to him amazes everyone present. Instead of dunking himself into the water, Rahat ends up walking on the surface of the lake and even manages to make it out to about 10 paces before he realizes that he's walked out pretty far.

He looks around shocked, as if he didn't know he'd end up in the middle of a lake. He tries to solicit help from a passerby with a tiny dog, but to no avail. He repeats this trick several more times and is met with the same shock and amazed faces from the people of the park.

One guy in particular, a man named Woozy who's decked out in '60s garb, is so thoroughly shocked that he has to call his mom and make all kinds of comparisons to Jesus Christ.

Check out the video above and see more magic at the Penguin Magic site here.

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