For those of us who are left-handed, life has it's share of challenges and embarrassing moments. But, being a 'leftie' comes with some benefits, too. These amazing facts will help you be proud you're left-handed.

One of my biggest struggles when I was a kid was trying to use scissors. Left-handed scissors weren't readily available so cutting paper was a real challenge. After numerous failures and tears of disappointment, I eventually found a way to make them cut.

Another challenge came up when learning to tie shoes. No one in my family was left-handed, so my mother taught herself to tie left-handed, then taught me.

Of course, there were also several other challenges along the way and to be honest, even though it feels unnatural, many 'lefties' resort to learn to do certain things right-handed.

Even though being left handed seemingly puts us at a disadvantage, it appears that trait also makes us exceptional in certain ways. Celebrate the difference and be proud to be a 'leftie.' We're in good company. Who knows, maybe one of us will become President.