'The Wolverine' was one of the most pleasant surprises of the 2013 summer movie season, but a newly released deleted ending gives us a look at a very cool moment that seems to have barely missed getting into the final cut. [Note: since there's footage of the film's final moments, there are spoilers.]

The latest Wolverine solo film ended with Hugh Jackman's clawed mutant on a plane, getting ready to leave Japan and the woman he loves behind. The theatrical cut pictured Logan unsure of where to fly, even though the sky is literally the limit. It's a perfect, slightly melancholy ending ... that would have gotten a whole lot geekier if it had gone for a few more seconds.

20th Century Fox has released a multi-touch eBook ahead of 'The Wolverine' hitting digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray, revealing a deleted scene from the ending with Logan opening a surprise gift and finding himself face to face with the character's iconic mask and gloves from the X-Men comics.

Whoa! For fans who have bemoaned the lack of colorful costumes in these movies since the very first 'X-Men,' it's a really cool moment. After all, isn't Wolverine's traditional outfit so much cooler than black leather? Sure, we may not actually see him wear it, but this suggests that someone, somewhere, thought it would be cool to see a proper take on Wolverine in the next X-Men films.

In addition to the deleted ending, another video has shown up online, this one of director Bryan Singer giving a tour of the 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' sets. This movie may not feature Wolverine's classic yellow costume (or will it?!), but there's no denying that this production looks impressive. If nothing else, it'll certainly be cool to see all of the mutants from across the various timelines in one movie (shown below).

'The Wolverine' hits digital HD on November 19, and DVD and Blu-ray on December 3. 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' drops into theaters May 23, 2014.

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