Roger Daltrey revealed that Pete Townshend wrote a rap sequence in one of the songs for the Who's upcoming album – but the singer refused to perform it.

Titled Who, the new LP arrives on Dec. 6. Daltrey previously described it as their best work since Quadrophenia. However, he wasn’t happy with an early version of "All This Music Must Fade" when Townshend sent it to him.

“I hated it at first, but it’s such a catchy song,” Daltrey told Rolling Stone. “On the demo, he had some rapping on it. Well, no fucking way I’m going to rap. No way. Let the youngsters wear those clothes.”

On the subject of his contribution to the Who's songs over the years, Daltrey argued that he was probably entitled to more writing credits than he’s received. “I wrote all the ad-libs,” he said. “I should have, but I can’t be bothered to make a fuss about it now. It’s fucking bollocks.” He added of Townshend: “If he needs the money …”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Daltrey said that those who believe he is “kind of a hard nut” have “got it backwards. I’m not. I’m a softy. I’m the softest person in the world.”

He also reflected on how he and Townshend split offstage duties, accepting the description of himself as band “chaperone,” adding: “It always has been, ‘Pete does the album, but don’t expect him to put the tour together,’ right? That’s always on my lap. It has all worked out very well. So, I’m happy to shoulder that. I’m good at it.”

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