The umbrella of the future is almost here, and you won't believe what it can do.

The Air Umbrella is in the works and is due to be released in time for Christmas next year - but,  you better hold on to your traditional fold-up umbrella just in case.

According to, a Korean manufacturer was working on an air umbrella back in 2010, but it never got produced, and the same thing might happen to this one being produced in China, if they don't get enough funding.

With this umbrella you don't ever have to "put it up" or take it down - or worry about poking someone's eye out. It works via a cone of  jetted air, which they say will keep the rain off of  you.

Skeptical? Me, too. But, hey, you never know. Of course, they won't be cheap. The least expensive model is $88, and the top-end umbrella will go for close to $150. I am thinking for that price, it would be a whole lot cheaper just to get wet.