Hacking may be Russia's second greatest skill set.

This 2014 video shows an unusual way to remove snow from the country's streets. While we're fuming in our houses about when the town will plow the roads only to get ticked off because when workers do come they shove all the snow right in front of our driveway, Russia simply scoops it up and lets the powder ride in some elevator-type contraption before being dumped into a truck waiting behind.

Cue up the bad joke: it's enough to make us say, "The Russians are clearing! The Russians are clearing!"

Russia knows a thing or two about heavy snow, so maybe there's something to this, even if it does appear as if the truck gathering the snow must do multiple passes to clear the way. Heck, Donald Trump may want to ask Vladimir Putin about the effectiveness of this method when they're paling around drinking vodka.

What do you think? Does this seem to be effective or do you think it's silly?

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