I'm not normally a proponent of roundabouts, but this is one roundabout we need in the Grand Valley right now.

When you have traffic converging on one spot from four different directions - and a stoplight is not an option - it may be time to consider a roundabout. You're probably thinking "he's lost his ever-loving mind!" - but, hear me out.

The intersection in question is the Peach Tree Center in Clifton.

You pull into the shopping center from the I-70 Business loop to find O'Reilly Auto Parts and Popeye's on the right, the always-busy Taco Bell on the left - and Gold's Gym straight ahead.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This intersection mandates incoming traffic from the highway doesn't stop, while traffic from the other three directions all have stop signs. If you are making a right-hand turn there is no problem. But, try to turn left or enter the intersection from the Gold's Gym side, and you could be facing quite a nearly impossible challenge.

If you are heading to the gym at 6 am, you're likely not going to encounter a problem. But, try facing this intersection at lunchtime or after work and it's like a crazy nuthouse. It is such a busy place with McDonald's, Subway, and Enzo's all right there along with a number of other well-patronized businesses. It can be a real traffic nightmare.

It's not a big area and so I don't know if a roundabout here is even feasible. But, it seems like they could sure use one similar to the one by Sam's Club and Golden Corral.

I'm fully aware that roundabouts are not popular in the Grand Valley and promoting another one isn't going to win me any votes on election day. However, anyone who uses this intersection on a regular basis can surely see the benefit of having just one more roundabout in the Grand Valley.

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