Late August is typically the worst time of year to go to the movies — so why not spruce things up with some great movies of the past?

It seems like a perfect idea to me — and this year, you’ll be able to end summer movie season in style with The MatrixIn celebration of the film’s 20th anniversary — and yes, The Matrix is 20 years old and also we are all becoming the guy from the end of Last Crusade who turns to dust after drinking from the poorly-chosen Grail — the Wachowskis’ sci-fi classic is getting a one-week run in AMC’s Dolby Cinemas, the theater chain’s premium format experience with high-end video and audio technology (plus comfy chairs).

The film has been remastered for the occasion; here’s the announcement trailer for the re-release:

There have been a lot of rumors recently about new Matrix movies; possibly with or without the Wachowskis’ involvement. If this run does extremely well in theaters, it could only help the chances of a franchise revival. And hey; why not make this an annual thing? Instead of dumping the worst movies at the end of August, how about giving some classics a renewed theatrical life?

The Matrix’s run at AMC’s Dolby Cinemas begins on August 30. Tickets are on sale now.

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