This week, pet lovers celebrated their beloved animals on National Pet Day.

Your pet may be a dog or a cat, but it might be a bird or a snake. It could be a goat or a bunny, maybe a hamster, a horse, or a fish. It doesn't matter what kind of pet it is. The fact is, we love our pets, and, in most cases, they love us.

Like a child who depends on his mom and dad for food and clothing and protection and love, so our pets depend on us. They need us to feed them, give them water, protect them from the elements, and to show them love and affection. (although I have a hard time imagining someone showing love and affection to a boa constrictor.)

We like to make our pets happy. Happy pets make for happy people. Some of us, more than others, get great joy from making others happy - and those are the pet owners whose pets are most fortunate. Giving joy to a pet creates joy in the heart of their human.

I love to make my dog Frisco happy. Whether it's giving her some loving when she comes to my easy chair and sticks her face in my lap, or giving her a special treat with her dinner, like a little gravy in her dish. But, her most favorite thing in all the world is riding in the truck.

Typically, weekends are when truck rides happen - and she seems to know it as she follows me around from room to room on a Saturday morning just waiting to hear those magic words. "Frisco! Wanna go for a ride in the truck?" The head cocks, the ears immediately perk up, and the happy dance begins. I'm not sure if it's the word "truck" or the word "ride", but when those words come out of my mouth, she's happier than a fat sow at the slop trough at dinner time.

There are lots of ways to make your pet happy and to demonstrate your love- whether it's just showing them attention, going for a walk, having a special treat, getting a new toy, or taking them to the groomer or veterinarian for regular maintenance, checkups,and shots.

I love to make Frisco happy, and if you have a pet, I hope you feel the same way about yours. I think God gave us pets to add some joy to our lives - and I think God gave humans to pets to add some joy to theirs.

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