Having outlived his own prodigious appetites to reach a ripe old age, Keith Richards has emerged as perhaps the internet's go-to meme for surviving against all odds. Click through for a selection of the best in the above gallery.

The typical example almost always features the Rolling Stones legend smoking a signature cigarette, even as they mention past dalliances with all manner of intoxicants. Richards has worked to clean up his life, but that indelible image remains. Then there's the fact that others of his generation have fallen by the wayside as this poster boy for hard living is still out there, making music both with and without the Stones.

How does he do it? Well, that's the subject of more than a few of the above memes. Some wonder if, in fact, Richards will ever die. Others compare him favorably to at least one hearty member of the insect world, guess at Marty McFly's reaction to Richards' longevity, sharply mock those who've tried to walk the straight and narrow and – in something of a parallel internet tradition – take a swipe at Justin Bieber too.

Oh, and don't look for these old-age jokes to taper off anytime soon. Not with Richards recently promising that the Rolling Stones would be together until the very, very end. "We're a band," he said, "and a real band sticks until it dies."

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