When the pandemic hit, a LOT of people not just in Colorado but all over the place lost their jobs and were forced to make some serious life changes and part of that was finding a job which during a pandemic isn't the easiest thing to do.

Many people, including myself had to turn to unemployment benefits to help with living expenses and help stay afloat until finding a new job which thankfully I was able to do after only being on unemployment for about 2 months.

So many others though weren't that fortunate and had to stay on it longer and are actually STILL on unemployment and while many argue that these folks are using that as an excuse to not get a job, I personally know some folks who legitimately need these benefits, but come September 6, those benefits will be going away.

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According to 9 News, the Colorado, all federal pandemic benefits will expire the week ending on September 4, ahead of the federal September 6 deadline because the state says the law does not allow them to pay partial weeks. Those benefits include PUA, PEUC, FPUC, and the extra $300 a week.

Even if you're claiming unemployment and still have money left in those accounts, you won't be able to claim it after the first week of September.

This has already been done in several states that have Republican governors with hopes that it will encourage people to get back to work.

There's certainly no shortage of jobs out there these days...

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