Forget everything you have read or hear about "Dumb and Dumber, To" and prepare yourself for the cold, dumb facts. I was there.

The first cold, dumb fact is that "Dumb and Dumber, To" is not for everyone. But, what movie is?

The number one prerequisite to enjoying this film is to be a bonafide fan of the original "Dumb and Dumber," which means you would have had to genuinely laugh multiple times during the movie. If you didn't laugh at the first one, you certainly won't laugh at this one.It's rude, and it's crude. It is what it is.

Speaking of laughter, "Dumb and Dumber, To" is funny. It must be funny, because I laughed, and I don't laugh at things that aren't funny. And it wasn't obligatory laughter, it was genuine, heart-felt laughter. (Okay, I admit - SOME of the laughter was obligatory.)

There were some tie-ins to the original film, which was a nice touch, like an appearance by the Mutt Cutts van, and Blind Billy - who's all grown up now.

"Dumb and Dumber, To's" plot isn't bad, and ends up with an unexpected twist which is always nice. However, the fact is, with this type of a movie the plot is almost secondary to the gags along the way.

The one big problem with the movie is that it's been so long since the original, often times it feels like Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels are simply trying to act like the characters they created 20 years ago rather than becoming them. The characters at times seemed forced. Twenty years ago Harry and Lloyd were much more believable.

Having said all that, I liked the movie. It wasn't great, but it was okay. I have no regrets about spending the money to see it. I expected stupidness and crudeness and that's exactly what I got.

My advice, if you want to see it in the theater, get there fast.

After opening at #1, it dropped to #4 at the box office in its second week, which could mean a short theatrical run.

Of course, this isn't the type of movie that is a must-see on the big screen. It won't dramatically diminish your dumb experience if you wait to catch it in your living room.

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