This Colorado bear is finding the tastiest treat one delicious snack at a time. Watch this bear taste testing treats to find his favorite.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has something called the Bear Necessities show, which is all about the most necessary necessity -- food. This bear's name is Emmett and food for Emmet is 'beary' necessary. Watch him testing out treats to find his favorite.

Corn on the Cob

The first thing that Emmett is taste testing is corn on the cob. It seemed like he likes it at first as he holds it steady by resting his paw on the fence. But after a few nibbles, Emmett tosses the corn on the cob to the side with his paw. Onto the next tasty treat.


Emmett immediately grabs the fish and slurps it into his mouth. He then chews and swallows the fish within seconds. Fish is definitely his favorite treat so far. And it seems like this bear knows what he likes -- and what he doesn't like.


The next treat for this Colorado bear to taste test is a freeze-dried strawberry. Emmett seems like he doesn't really know if he likes it or not. He takes his time chewing it up, maybe the bear got brain freeze.


Emmett's last treat to taste test is a banana. Even though the bear grabs it in his mouth, he's not into the banana. After holding it in his mouth for a few seconds, Emmett spits the banana out onto his paw and tosses it to the side. The banana was a no-go but the fish wasn't something he wasn't going to let go.

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