A seemingly simple ATM transaction to deposit a check turned sour when the machine was unable to return my debit card. Now, I feel totally broke.

Like many people, I rely a lot on electronic banking. My debit card is basically the currency I carry, so losing it is the equivalent of losing all my money.

All I could do was stand there helpless while the machine attempted, several unsuccessful times, to return the card. It's not as if the machine decided my card was expired or the account was overdrawn, it simply could not eject the card.

Finally, a message appeared on the screen instructing me I had the option to go to the bank -- this was Sunday by the way -- and get a temporary card or I could have a new card sent to me.

Not thinking this through, I chose the send it to me option only to see another message indicating the new card would arrive in seven to 10 days.

To make matters worse, I opened my wallet to find all of three dollars inside.

In another era the answer would be simple, just write a check. However, the world is like me, all about electronic banking. Hardly anybody takes a check anymore.

So, if you see me standing on a Grand Junction street corner with a sign that says, 'ATM ate my debit card - Broke 'til the new one arrives,' maybe you'd feel generous enough to hand me a few bucks to get by.

Photo, Tim Gray