For years, we have heard it said that opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck, but I am trying to disprove that long-standing belief.

On a whim the other day, I ordered an umbrella while I was watching television. It was blue and orange - looked like a Denver Bronco umbrella - so I couldn't resist buying it for $9.95.

Well, it arrived today, and I had nearly forgotten about it. But I was excited to have it, and was anxious to get a good look at it. However, our sweet receptionist, Spring, who was delivering the package to my office, reminded me that it's bad luck to open an umbrella indoors. Holy disappointment, Batman! Am I going to have to wait until it rains to open it?

No, I said. I have to do this. I have to take my chances. Maybe that bad luck is just a bunch of hooey just like when your folks told you sitting too close to the TV would make you go blind, or that drinking coffee before you're old enough would stunt your grown.

Well,  you can see in the video I successfully opened the umbrella for the very first time, like a beautiful Bronco flower blossoming after the spring-time rain. Nothing bad happened, and so far I'm good to go. I think it's very possible that the somebody who came up with the notion that opening an umbrella indoors was bad luck was slightly off their rocker. However, give me a week or so and we'll see if I remain free from bad luck.

I just hope that by opening my Bronco umbrella indoors  I don't bring misfortune on the Denver Broncos this season. They are going to need all of the good luck they can get.

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