Telluride is converting gondola cars into dining cabins. There will be 20 gondolas converted into dining cabins in the Town of Mountain Village at Telluride.

A lot of things have changed to due coronavirus and innovations are a must. Telluride is thinking outside of the gondola by converting refurbished gondolas into a place to eat, according to The Denver Post.

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The Town of Mountain Village plans to have 20 refurbished gondolas converted into dining cabins that will be in the base plaza. The dining cabins in Telluride will have the following amenities, according to The Denver Post:

  • Lights (both under chairs and in the ceilings)
  • Heating and ventilation systems
  • Cushioned seats
  • Wooden dining tables
  • Sliding doors and sturdy floors

Along with the gondolas turned dining cabins, the Town of Mountain Village will also have big yurts and pavillions structures in the plaza as well. The gondola dining cabins can fit up to 8 people.

According to The Denver Post, the company that's refurbishing the gondolas is The Gondola Shop in Fruita. We spoke to the owner of The Gondola Shop, Dominique, who said says they usually refurbish gondolas for ski resorts or private use. They usually do one or two at a time but this time, it's twenty at a time.

The Gondola Shop started about four weeks ago will deliver half of the gondolas before Thanksgiving and the other half in early to mid-December. Dominique told us that the gondolas come from Steamboat Resort and Killington Resort in Vermont.

The owner of The Gondola Shop told us that the gondolas are three different colors, blue, yellow, and burgundy, and they're currently working on getting custom tables in each one. The owner of The Gondola Shop says there will be fire pits outside in the middle of every two or three gondolas.

We asked what they're going to do with the gondolas after Christmas is over and Dominique says the Town of Mountain Village plans to leave them in the plaza all year round.

Dominique, the owner of the Gondola Shop, says that they've been in business for the last 22 years. This is the first year that they've ever done an order this big and Dominique says she's thankful to stay busy.

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