Did you know you can figure out how hot or cold is it outside by using a cricket?! It's true! And so are these other random facts...

My mom is the type of lady that always wants to know how warm or cold it is while we're camping and for a long time she had one of those nifty weather stations that told you EVERYTHING at least until it broke!

So the next time we're camping I plan on distracting her for a time being with this formula:

  • To get a really good estimate of the temperature in Fahrenheit, just count how many times a cricket chirps in 14 seconds, then add 40 to that number!

Here's some other random facts to astound your family with on your next camping trip!

  1. 80% of the people who've died after being struck by lightning in the United States since 2006 the U.S. are men . . . including all seven so far this year.
  2. HIPPOS in Columbia are destroying crops, crushing cows, and damaging property . . . all because of a Zoo built in the '80s by PABLO ESCOBAR who imported a bunch of hippos, who've now bred!
  3. Iceland has an official list of legal baby names and you MUST have government permission to use a name NOT on the list! Why? To "preserve the Icelandic language."
  4. In Maine it's illegal to put tomatoes in your clam chowder.

Do you know something random? Share it with us below in the comment section and we could use it on the air!