The idea of teaching bears to be wild seems far-fetched, but that is exactly what is happening in Colorado.

Conflicts between bears and humans and trespasses by bears in human houses and cars is a part of Colorado life, unfortunately. It's a safety risk for humans and a potentially life-threatening situation for the bears.

From Estes Park comes the story of a mother bear who had to be euthanized after multiple offenses of breaking into homes and businesses. Seems the bear had lost its fear of humans.

What's even more saddening, is the three now motherless cubs who will now have to be prepared for hibernation without their mother. The bears were taken to the Frisco Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Colorado Parks & Wildlife will try to save the cubs and teach them to be wild again.

Part of that process will be to show the cubs how to look for and find food from natural sources rather than from humans. Limited exposure to humans will be a part of the rehab process.

With any luck, the cubs will be able to hibernate with full bellies and wake up ready to venture into the wild and resume their lives as naturally wild bears.

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