Saturday evening, depending on where you were in Grand Junction, saw its fair share of heavy rainfall. Take a walk along Western Colorado's Audubon Trail, and enjoy the newly fallen rain, all from the dry comfort of your computer.

Okay, I'm weird, but you already knew that. I enjoy walks in the rain. The cooler temperatures are pure heaven, water on the trees and trails is a nice change from our usual arid climate, and let's face it, things are just prettier.

While some areas of Grand Junction saw little or no rain Saturday night, the Redlands area got hammered. I had to wait in the car for over 20 minutes before the rain lightened up enough where I could get out and walk.

Water levels in the canal were a bit high. As a matter of fact, with all the mud, it looked a lot like the river of chocolate out of the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

There was one bummer about this particular evening's walk - normally, during a rain shower, you can catch the Owls at home. They have a nest not too far from the trail head. The owls love to come out and take a shower during the rain. During this particular rain storm, though, the owls were nowhere to be found.

You stay warm and dry, and let me do the walking for you. Enjoy a pleasant walk in the rain along the Audubon Trail.