Riverfront Trail

GJ Confessions
There are places in Grand Junction you can say you haven't been to and not be ashamed. Then, there are these eight which anyone who claims they're from Grand Junction should be embarrassed to admit they haven't seen.
Winter Trails
Western Colorado's Riverfront Trail is awesome 365 days a year, but you'll probably find it to be at its best in the winter. Here are five reasons why you should definitely hit the trail this time of year.
New GJ Art
A brand new piece of art that can tell time  has been donated to the city of Grand Junction and placed at Las Colonias Park by the entrance of the Riverfront Trail.
Want to Walk?
Walking is a great way to exercise, especially with the Colorado Riverfront Trail system around the Grand Valley. But, many people think they don't have time except on their days off. Actually, walking a mile probably takes less time than you think.
The Start Of Bicycling Season
With the recent cold weather and snow in and around Grand Junction, it's been real hard to think about the fact that now is the time a lot of people, including myself, usually start bicycling. One of the reasons for getting on your bicycle this month is so you can get a few miles in before the …