Concert Review
Kansas did not put on a good concert Thursday night at the Avalon Theatre in Grand Junction. They put on a great show.
‘Ted 2’ Review: Hateful Teddy Bears Are People Too, Bro
It’s funny that the poster for Ted 2 features the title character with his back to the camera and his hands suggestively poised near his crotch above the tagline “Ted is coming, again” because the whole movie revolves around the fact that Ted can’t come, not even once. Te…
‘Boyhood’ Review
Every film is a cultural artifact. As singular works of art, movies are their own self-contained contributions to popular culture, but their often essential inclusion of things like music, fashion, and slang within their own narratives puts them into a unique space – art wrapped around art, culture …
The Beatles, ‘The U.S. Albums’ – Album Review
Depending on your level of Beatlemania, the Beatles' U.S. albums are either a lasting corporate scar on the group's legacy or beloved nostalgic artifacts tailored for a specific marketplace. Capitol Records are hoping it's the latter with its 13-disc box set 'The U.S. Albums.&apo…

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