GJ Trails Take the Rain
Grand Junction and the surrounding areas can expect rain on Tuesday. Should this keep you from enjoying Western Colorado's awesome trails? HECK, NO! Now's the time to get out and enjoy. Here are five reasons why.
Mt. Garfield Advice
You can look forward to cooler temperatures this weekend, and that's ideal for climbing western Colorado's Mt. Garfield. There's a chance of rain for Friday night and early Saturday morning, and that can be a real game changer. Here are a few things to consider before you head out.
Red Mountain Rain
As if driving Red Mountain Pass wasn't scary enough, check out this video from yesterday (Aug. 28) during the rainfall in southwestern Colorado.
GJ Light Shows
Coming from the midwest, I miss a great thunderstorm. That said, there's nothing like watching a thunderstorm light up the sky over Grand Junction.

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