Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend Curses Out Fan At Concert
The grandparents aren't alright. Throughout his career, Pete Townshend's famously profane mouth has often caused his admirers to smile, shake their heads and say, "That's just Pete being Pete." But now, it seems to have gotten him in trouble with a fan and his daught…
Pete Townshend's Big Revelation
Pete Townshend is undeniably one of rock music's most dynamic performers. The Who guitarist has always been notable for his energetic stage exertions -- particularly his signature "windmill" move, which consists of Townshend swinging his arm around in a furious windup before delivering a p…
The Who’s Stage Setup – Pic of the Week
Rehearsals for the Who's upcoming tour are taking place in some undisclosed location, but a new photograph is giving us an indication of what the stage setup will look like. The band sent its fans a picture this morning of the group on stage via Twitter.