Just One Question, Were Did They Put the Camera?
This is Anders Jacobsen training in Lilehammer, Norway for the 2014 Olympics and I have just one question were did they put the camera? In the video you can see the tips of his skis and the top of his helmet so were did they put the camera?
NHL Players Will Play in the 2014 Winter Olympics
The NHL, the Players’ Association and the International Ice Hockey Federation have reached an agreement to allow the players to represent their countries in the up coming Winter Games. It will be the fifth Olympics featuring NHL players since they were first allowed to represent their countries in 1…
Michael Phelps Ridiculous Putt
You don't have to know much about golf to know that this is just ridiculous. Michael Phelps managed to sink a 153-foot putt at the Dunhill Links Championship. According to the announcer, Phelps is just learning to golf and is "26 handicapped," which we're pretty sure is G…

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