Lottery Winners

Dumbing Down
With the Wednesday (May 4) Powerball Jackpot estimated at $348 million, there are a lot of people playing and dreaming of becoming an instant multi-millionaire. Unfortunately, many winners make some really dumb mistakes that send them from riches to rags.
Brothers Blow-Up House After Winning Lottery
Everyone who plays the lottery has their own fantasy of what they'd do first if they won.
Two brothers from Wichita, Kan. celebrated their big lottery win by buying meth and weed, which resulted in them accidentally blowing-up their house and getting arrested...
Powerball Winner, The I.R.S.
On Wednesday, the Powerball lottery reached a record $587.5 million. So far two winning tickets have been announced, one in Arizona and one in Missouri. But there's at least one more guaranteed winner: the Internal Revenue Service.
Woman Wins Lottery Months After Playing
A little more than five months ago, a Los Angeles woman bought a lottery ticket at Michael’s Market & Liquor. She then left it in her car and forgot about it, obviously not that enthused with her 18 million-to-one odds of hitting the jackpot.
Unbeknownst to her, she …