Weekend Box Office: 'Ride Along' Laps 'That Awkward Moment'
Unless you had a personal stake in a film being released this weekend, movies were far from the most important thing happening to you these past couple of days. You can blame the weekend's mostly anemic box office on one thing: the Super Bowl. Everyone spent their money buying snacks and preparing t…
15 Animals in Ties for Labor Day
Hopefully you're enjoying your day off. You know who's not? These animals! They're busy putting the "cat" in business cat-sual. Sure, a tie might be closer to standard business attire, but we're pretty sure the lack of pants keeps it totally casual.
Wrap Up Of Summer
We’re coming up on a long holiday weekend, and if you are planning on staying in town this Labor Day Weekend, here's a list of activities that are scheduled this weekend:
If You’re Working Labor Day, You’re Not Alone
As I was getting ready for my radio show this morning, I started thinking about what Labor Day really stands for. I don’t know what the national average of Americans working on Labor Day is, but 75-percent of the Chandler household is working, so I’m not sure the word…