Freaky Snowman has a Little Fun on the Street
What do you get when a freaky snowman goes out to have a little fun on the street? One hilarious video of people being freaked out. I love these types of prank videos because it shows how many people are oblivious to what is going on around them.
Fiat Does It Again
The commercial for the new Fiat 500L sets itself up all American Revolution style, with a pseudo Paul Revere warning 'the British are coming.' After a second look, he corrects himself...'wait...the Italians are coming,' as he spies a fleet of new Fiat 500s rolling down the road. As the automobiles c…
Hilarious Montage of ‘Ellen’ Scares Will Make Your Day
Ellen DeGeneres is always doing her part to brighten spirits. Fortunately this sometimes comes at the expense of a famous person's dignity. Here is a montage of a bunch of times Ellen had somebody sneak up behind a guest and scare them. Oh, and sometimes it's just Ellen lurking in a bathro…