Elderly Drug Smugglers
When an elderly couple entered an online contest to win a free vacation, little did they know the vacation was not only a scam, but they would unknowingly be smuggling drugs from Canada to Australia.
Drug Disposal
Don't let chemicals soak into our ground water by throwing your unused drugs in the trash! Local law enforcement will be accepting them for disposal  Saturday the 26th!
Keith Richard's Drug Use
It's no secret Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has used a lot of drugs. It's also a well known that several rock and roll stars have died due to drug use and abuse. Many are amazed Richards hasn't suffered the same fate. Even more incredible is that Richards says his drug use …
Music Really is Addictive
In the Huey Lewis and The News Song 'I Want A New Drug,' he sings about looking for some kind of pleasurable high without all the dangers and side effects typically associated with drug use. What Huey may have failed to realize is the song he was singing may well have been the just the &am…