Irish Dad Goes Off Son
This young Irish lad takes his driving test but fails and his dad has a great response. He apparently missed a part of the test his dad had warned him about. I’m sure we have all had to deal with tell one out parents we failed at something and it really stinks but you have to love th…
Vacuum Cleaner Hair Styling
When my daughter Alli was little, everyone knew when I was responsible for getting her dressed and ready for the day by the tell-tale pony tail. It was the only hairstyle I could master. I never used this method of styling, but it sure would have helped.
Dad Gets Surprise Puppy, Reacts Adorably
You might think that children are the only people capable of being delighted to the point of preciousness at the sight of a new puppy, but you would be wrong. Look at this manly dad, for example. He bangs on a car, covers his face with adorable fists, and does a little dance...

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