TV about Radio
You couldn't help but love WKRP's General Manager, Mr. Carlson, portrayed by the wonderful actor, Gordon Jump. Unfortunately, he left us back in 2003. Let's take a moment to look back at his wonderful career on his 84th birthday.
Three-Year-Old Negotiator
When it comes to getting what they want, some kids seem to know exactly what to do to make their parents give in to their demands. This little girl could have done what a lot of kids do and throw a temper tantrum. Instead, she chose negotiation to the point of  extortion to get what she wanted.
One Year In Seven Minutes
From the day he was born, Indigo Cornwell's parents videotaped him every single day. For his first birthday, they edited together a second of each day into this wonderful video that shows just how amazing babies are as they grow and develop.