The commercial for the new Fiat 500L sets itself up all American Revolution style, with a pseudo Paul Revere warning 'the British are coming.' After a second look, he corrects himself...'wait...the Italians are coming,' as he spies a fleet of new Fiat 500s rolling down the road. As the automobiles come into view, the unmistakable sounds of 'Children Of The Revolution,' the 1972 single from T. Rex, is heard charging full volume ahead.

The ad moves on with the townswomen disrobing in anticipation, as if it were Marc Bolan himself riding into town! When originally released in the fall of 1972, 'Children Of The Revolution' became T. Rex's eighth U.K. Top 10 single in a row, hitting No. 2. The song was never released on an LP at home or abroad.

Previously, the song was used in the film 'Billy Elliot,' among others, and has been covered by the likes of the Violent Femmes, Lloyd Cole and original Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno.

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