A new survey indicates a big difference between men and women. Cute animals put women in a better mood, and for men- seeing an attractive women is the number one thing that flips the good mood switch.

The survey asked what "sight" instantly puts you in a better mood. According to the Daily Mail, there were some similarities in the responses, but a big difference at the top.

For women, the number one mood enhancer is seeing a cute animal, and for men it's seeing an attractive woman. That might explain why there are tons of pictures of cute animals and attractive women on the internet.

The rest of the top five for women are the beach, a smiling baby, flowers, and people laughing.

For men, the rest of the top five answers are a beautiful beach, watching sports, a steak, and people laughing.

I will say this, watching sports does puts me in a good mood - as long as the Broncos are winning - and you can never go wrong with a good steak.

So guys, if you want to keep your lady happy, keep feeding her the cute animal videos.

And ladies, if you want to keep your man in a good mood - keep looking your best for him. Make sure you are  the most attractive woman he sees all day!