As it turns out, Miss Right does have a first name.

A completely unscientific survey of 2,000 people (that may have actually been around for quite some time) revealed the names of women who make the best wives (while its validity is a big ol' question mark, at least it's a more entertaining subject than the most popular baby names).

This is fun and all, but what's missing is any sort of data that explains what exactly makes a good wife. Is it someone who takes off your shoes when you get home and fetches you a bourbon? Someone who lets you watch the game while her parents are over? Someone who married you for money, but has the decency to stick around after the kids go to college?

Names for Women Who Make the Best Wives

  1. Katie
  2. Sophie
  3. Louise
  4. Sarah
  5. Emily
  6. Charlotte
  7. Elizabeth
  8. Amy
  9. Jessica
  10. Lucy

Interesting choice at number with Katie. We get the sense Tom Cruise would take issue with that. And kudos for not spelling any names with an "i" at the end. We all know those types of names are more associated with doing shots off their bellies than buying a three-bed, two-bath with a white picket fence to keep Junior safe while he plays in the front yard.

And men don't get off easy here. There's also a list of the names of men who make the best husbands, although, again, the definition of a good husband isn't clear, so it could be anything from a man who puts the toilet seat down to a guy who doesn't try to push you over a cliff and become the basis for some horrible Lifetime movie.

Names for Men Who Make Best Husbands

  1. David
  2. Andrew
  3. Daniel
  4. Paul
  5. John
  6. William
  7. Simon
  8. James
  9. Chris
  10. Stephen

What a list, huh? It reads more like the roster of members of a Beatles cover band.

What do you think? Is there any credence here or it this simply a bunch of hogwash, like not getting a prenup before tying the knot?

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