Can something black also be a white whale? Yes? Okay, good. Then this clip features the white whale DC Comics fans have been obsessed with for years.

You see, back when Superman died in the comics and then got brought back to life he returned in a new, black costume. (He also had a mullet because death changes a man.) He quickly went back to his classic red-and-blues, but fans still talk about that cool black and silver look. So when Batman v Superman adapted the whole “Death of Superman” storyline, and then Justice League brought him back (uh, spoilers, sorry) there was hope among some DC superfans that they’d get to see the black costume on the big screen.

The theatrical cut of Justice League came and went without a black costume sighting, even though some reports from the crew revealed that, yes, a black costume had been made for the film and scenes of some nature had been shot with it. But check out the new deleted scene from the film above. There it is, not actually on Superman, but in the background of his Kryptonian ship. It’s the black Superman costume. Granted this version seems to have a cape and the one in the comics did not, but so what? The color is right at least.

(The scene also reveals more of Henry Cavill’s bountiful chest hair. If you care about that sort of thing.)

This sort of clip will only fuel the clamor for more Justice League deleted scenes, if not a full alternate cut of the film from original director Zack Snyder (if such a thing exists, which I continue to doubt). Justice League arrives on digital HD on February 13.

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