The Denver Broncos have decided to wear white in Super Bowl 50. History shows that any color would be better than orange.

What's in the color of a  uniform? Not much, one would think, but don't tell that to the Denver Broncos.

They wore orange in four of their five Super Bowl losses. The other loss came while wearing white in a 39-20 loss to the New York Giants in their second showing in the big game. Of the games they lost, it was the only time the Broncos had a half time lead.

When the Broncos beat Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers in 98, their first Super Bowl win, Denver wore blue. The following season, the last for John Elway, the Broncos wore white in a victory over Atlanta.

This year was the AFC's turn to choose the home team, which means the Broncos got to choose what color they would wear.

John Elway chose white, citing the Super Bowl win over the Falcons, rather than the orange that Broncos fans have become accustomed to at home games, and in four of Denver's seven Super Bowls.

Not that I'm superstitious, but it probably was another good decision made by Elway. The Super Bowl record of 0-4 wearing orange is enough evidence the Broncos needed to deviate from tradition. It can't hurt. Their record is 1-1 in white, and 1-0 with blue, so either one would have been okay.

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