Please don't slay the messenger but the sad news is the Denver Broncos don't make the cut in my annual Super Bowl prediction.

How I hope to be sadly wrong. How happy I would be to go to my colleague Jack Taylor at the end of the season and say you were right, I was wrong.

There are 10 reasons why I believe the Broncos fail to make the playoffs in 2018 and here they are: Ravens, Chiefs, Rams, Steelers, Chargers, 49ers, Raiders, Cardinals, Bengals, and Chargers (again). Those are the 10 losses I see on the Broncos schedule this season, despite the fact I really like what has happened with this team for the most part in the off-season. The Broncos will be better this season, but so will everybody else.

The only reason why I have doubts about this team is because of the questions along the offensive line. The Bronco offense has plenty of weapons to score points, but you can't score points if the quarterback is spending a lot of time flat on his back. If the offensive line surprisingly exceeds expectations,  yes, this is a Broncos team that could sneak into the playoffs as a wildcard team, but that's as much hope as I'm able to offer.

So, if not the Broncos, then who? Surely it can't be the Patriots again, can it? No, this year, the conference champion comes from the AFC West, and it could be the Chiefs or the Chargers, but I'm going to say Chargers.

In the NFC, it is completely wide open, and, quite honestly, it's up for grabs. Eagles, Vikings, Packers, Saints, Falcons, and Rams will all make it to the playoffs and don't count out the revamped 49ers. On paper, it looks like the Rams are the team to beat, but I think the NFC champions this year are wearing purple.

And just to remind everyone of my inept prediction of a year ago, I had the Raiders beating the Cowboys. Boy, was I ever wrong! This year, it's all about redemption.

Super Bowl LIII: Minnesota Vikings 35.........Los Angeles Chargers 31

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