Someone stole the General Lee, and it wasn't them darned Duke boys. Fortunately, the General Lee was spotted safe and sound in Mesa County.

In this case, the General Lee in question is not a Dodge Charger, but rather a stolen Sno-Cat. The General Lee disappeared yesterday (Sunday, March 11) from the Turntable Restaurant in Minturn.

The General Lee, boasting a bright orange paint job, had its photo splattered all over social media. Since a bright orange Sno-Cat isn't something everyone has parked in their driveway, it didn't take long for sightings to start pouring in.
The suspected thief fired up the General Lee and set a course West towards Grand Junction. Upon reaching Mesa County, an alert resident spotted the General near the base of the Colorado National Monument. She was quick to contact authorities.

What became of the General Lee? Well, according to the Vail Daily, the General found safety in the Grand Junction Police Department's impound lot. The suspect, however, was not found. Police say the suspect, 27-year-old Jason Cuervo, is probably still in the Grand Junction area.

Spotting the General Lee is easy. Spotting Cuervo, not so much. Here's his description:

  • 27 years old
  • white
  • male
  • 6' 1"
  • 180 pounds

If you have any information regarding this case, please call the Eagle County Sheriff's Office at 970-328-8500. If you spot Cuervo, call 911.

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