Unfortunately the Steamboat Springs man who has been missing for over two months, has been found dead. His body was found near Soda Creek north of Steamboat Springs.

I remember hearing that Matthew Shelters from Steamboat Springs had gone missing and when I hear about it, he'd been missing for two weeks. Matthew was last seen on April 24 leaving the Back Door Grill in Steamboat Springs at 12:20 a.m, according to Steamboat Today.

But no one knows what happened next. Matthew's friends and family, volunteers and Steamboat Springs Police Department searched for him with no avail. Unfortunately, over two months later on July 4, Matthew Shelters was found dead.

Cari Hermacinski was spending her Fourth of July with friends at her home on the north side of Steamboat and they decided to explore Soda Creek nearby, according to Steamboat Today. This is when Cari found Matthew's body. She said she could tell it was a person because of their clothes. Once they found his wallet, they were able to identity him.

Steamboat Springs Police Chief Cory Christensen stated that an autopsy is taking place on July 5 to determine the cause of death. Christensen said Matthew's body was found on private land and they 'wouldn't have had the opportunity to climb back in there.'

Everyone wants answers. Matthew Shelters was a part of the Steamboat Springs community for 14 years. He is missed and I can only hope that we find the answers we're looking for, especially for his loved ones.

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