There is a new scam hitting Western Colorado, and this one is particularly horrifying considering the culprits are gaining access to your credit cards and accounts. The Garfield County Sheriff's Office advises you to be on the lookout for weirdos claiming to be with the Sheriff's Department.

With this particular scam, crooks with prepaid burner phones call representing themselves as deputies with the Garfield County Sheriff's Office, and claim you have a relative with warrants or fines which must be paid immediately.

These creeps then pull your credit card or prepaid card numbers. They pretend to run a specific dollar amount, but once done, drain the card or account of available funds.

Rest assured, the Garfield County Sheriff's Department will not call or contact you asking you to pay fines.

**SCAM ALERT**From our friends at the Garfield County Sheriff's Office, they released this today... (sounds all too...

Posted by Mesa County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, October 6, 2015