We've got your shot to score $500 all the way to $5,000 and we had to know what you plan to do with it. Here's what Grand Junction would do with $5,000.

Starting on Thursday, November 14, we have your shot to win up to $5,000 three times a day, every single weekday. Just listen for your win cash code words at 10, 2 and 5, once you've got them, enter them on our website on our free app for your chance to win fat stacks of cash.

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We wanted to know what you would do with a free 5K, so we asked you on our Facebook. This is what Grand Junction would do with $5,000:

Bills, Bills, Bills

Most of Grand Junction say that they'd pay bills with their free 5K. Bills include student loans, paying off cars, and putting it toward a downpayment of a house. Summer Henderson says she'd pay off her loans and some of her mom's cards for her.

Kids + Christmas

With the holidays coming up, those Christmas presents are definitely on the brain. Kimberly says she'd have a great Christmas for the kiddos with the money and also start saving up for her wedding.


One of my favorite things ever is to go on vacation with my boyfriend. Grand Junction wouldn't mind a free vacation either. If Corie Nelson of Jessica Compton won some free cash money, they'd go on a faction with their family.

Give it Away

Grand Junction isn't selfish, a lot of you commented on our Facebook saying how you'd give away the money you won. Lisa Vigil says she'd give it away to her parents who she could never repay in this lifetime. (Girl, same.) Candy Ontiveros says she'd give 10% to her church, 10% to savings, 20% to her kids and then use 60% to buy kids in DHS foster care Christmas presents.

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